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Prenatal Classes

Join us for classes from our My Baby and Me Program!

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Class 1: The Importance of Prenatal Care

Welcome to prenatal care! Get informed about your care including doctor visits and tests during pregnancy. Learn about female anatomy. Know what warning signs to look out for.

Class 2: Fetal Development

Summary of fetal growth at each week.

Class 3: Nutrition During Pregnancy

Overview of the nutritional food guide for pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Know what to limit and avoid.

Class 4: Substance Abuse

Discussion of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Learn about the effects of using these during pregnancy.

Class 5: Depression

What is depression during pregnancy or post-partum? Know the signs and the possible effects when not treated.

Class 6: Labor & Delivery

Here comes the baby! Know what to take to the hospital for delivery. Learn about labor warning signs and comfort methods. Watch a video on vaginal and C-section deliveries.

Class 7: Postpartum Care

You have delivered your what? Know the steps to take after giving birth. Learn about care after a C-section or episiotomy.

Class 8: The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Review of breast anatomy. Learn of the benefits of breastfeeding and techniques to feed your newborn.

Class 9: Infant Care

How to take care of your newborn once you return home. Learn about feeding, bathing, and thermometer use. Know about visits with the doctor and recommended vaccines.

Class 10: Family Planning

Discussion of all birth control options and how they are used.

Class 11: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Review of the sexually transmitted infections. Learn about common signs, risks and treatment, if any. Discussion of safe sex practices.

Class 12: The Importance of Car Seats

Learn about car seat regulations and how to use a car seat. Ask your Health Educator about how to get a free car seat.

Hospital Registration and Tour

Complete your hospital forms. Take a tour of the hospital before you deliver.