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CAREPLUS: Trusted care, when you need it.

Urgent Care offers great benefits for people who want quick treatments for non-emergency situations. Receiving the right type of medical care can make all the difference in your patient experience. Let’s look at some advantages that an Urgent Care can provide.

Fast Access.

Getting help fast when a sudden incident happens is crucial. No one wants to wait to get help. That is why it’s good to understand your medical situation. Standard doctor visits usually need an appointment ahead of time. They are also better used for non-urgent visits. Emergency rooms are meant for life-threatening cases. An emergency room can also be overcrowded with long wait times. Urgent Care is designed to treat patients efficiently. Most Urgent Care clinics go by a walk-in basis. This allows patients to receive quick care for their critical medical matters.

Cost Effective.

The right type of treatment doesn’t have to mean expensive. Going to Urgent Care can be an affordable option. Like most health care centers, they accept a variety of insurance plans. Urgent Care may also have payment assistance for qualifying patients. You can visit an Urgent Care and receive affordable services compared to paying for hospital visits. Always make sure to check with your local Urgent Care about their costs.

Extended Hours.

Life happens. At times you will need medical attention when you least expect it. Getting medical care at inconvenient times can be hard. A benefit to Urgent Care is that they have extended hours for sudden incidents. This can include being open during evenings, weekends, and holidays. It makes it easier for people to get medical attention that fits their schedule. With Urgent Care you can see a doctor without prior planning.

Reduce wait.

Sitting in a waiting room is not very enjoyable. It can be stressful waiting to see a doctor while feeling ill. Knowing what type of medical situation you have can help you reduce your wait time. Urgent Care typically has less wait times compared to emergency rooms. Treating non-life threatening situations makes it easier for Urgent Care staff to manage patient flow. This ensures that patients are seen quickly. Having to wait less means lower stress from your injuries or illnesses. This gives you a faster recovery time and better patient experience.

Quality Care.

It can be intimidating going to a health center that is unfamiliar to you. People don’t plan their next illness. That’s why you can find new patients visiting an Urgent Care. This can make people worry about the type of care they are receiving. When you step into Urgent Care you can be sure that you will be provided with qualified medical staff. They are equipped to treat a wide range of medical conditions. This includes minor injuries, illnesses, and infections. Receiving quality care is important to everyone. Especially when you need it most. You can be assured to receive the same quality care as you would in an emergency room or traditional doctor visit.

Comprehensive Care.

You might find yourself needing extra medical services. Urgent Care can give you a range of medical attention. Services can include X-rays and lab tests, as well as minor procedures, like stitches. It's important to note that not all Urgent Care centers offer the same services. It's always a good idea to check with your local Urgent Care center ahead of time.

Visit Clinicas

Clinicas CAREPLUS Urgent Care services are here to meet your unsuspected needs. Our East Simi Valley CAREPLUS Urgent Care will be opening in May to serve our East County patients. Clinicas provides you with trusted care, all under one roof. For more information, please call (805) 915-4242 or visit our Urgent Care page.