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Clinicas celebrates our exceptional team of physicians and supporting staff.

Clinicas medical staff deserves to be celebrated all year round, but especially on National Doctors’ Day! At the end of March each year, we recognize our exceptional team of providers and supporting staff. Our physicians faithfully put patients first and provide quality care every step of the way. This year, we are looking at the history of National Doctors’ Day and National Physicians Week to give you a closer look at our annual tradition.

Where did National Doctors’ Day come from?

National Doctor’s Day was first celebrated in 1933 to recognize achievements in surgery. It was created as a reminder of the tireless efforts and sacrifices of medical staff to ensure the health and well-being of their patients. In 1990, March 30th was fully recognized by the United States government as National Doctor’s Day. Since then, healthcare organizations across the country started celebrating their providers each year.

National Doctor’s Day is now an opportunity for patients and organizations alike to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of our providers. We thank them for their sacrifices and acknowledge the difficult work it takes to put others first.

What is National Physicians Week?

National Physicians Week was established in 2018 by Physicians Working Together (PWT). The advocacy group extended National Doctors’ Day to a full week of recognition for medical professionals. The last week of March has since become National Physicians Week. As Clinicas employs providers and medical staff at all levels, participating in National Physicians Week and National Doctor’s Day has become an annual tradition!

What and who are we celebrating?

Our physicians spend years studying and training to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to practice medicine. These highly trained professionals work long hours and often have to make difficult decisions when it comes to someone’s health. All the while, our providers maintain a high level of compassion and empathy for all of their patients. Their primary goal is always to ensure the health and well-being of those in need.

In addition to providing medical care, our Clinicas teams are also an essential part of promoting good health practices to the community and help to educate the public on disease prevention and healthy living. At Clinicas, we’re proud to have such a team that is dedicated to providing quality care at every step in the patient journey.

How can you recognize National Doctors’ Day?

On National Doctor’s Day, people show their appreciation for doctors in a variety of ways. Some may send thank-you cards or flowers, while others make donations to medical research or healthcare organizations.

We are excited to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for the heroes of medicine. If you’d like to celebrate National Physicians Week and National Doctors’ Day, you can start by saying THANK YOU to the physicians in your life. Further, you can schedule that appointment you have been putting off for way too long!

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