Staying Safe This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and Clinicas’ staff doesn’t need to be the ones to tell you; it’s HOT! With record high heats sprouting up all through California, it’s essential that we stay knowledgeable on how to enjoy all of our summer, without all of the risks and injuries. Let’s get started!

What’s the one thing your parents always tell you as a kid that you NEVER wanted to hear? Sunscreen! It is the easiest way to avoid so many terrible side effects of that sun we all know and love. When it comes to the type of sunscreen to buy, make sure it comes with an SPF of 30 or higher, and offers some broad-spectrum protection from UV rays. Trust us; feeling clammy and moist for the 5 minutes after you apply is far better than surrendering to the horrors of skin cancer.

Think of the sorts of activities we all love doing in the summer. Picnics, beach visits, barbecues, bike rides; the list goes on! Now, no one likes to be the person who stops and gives a lecture about safety whenever you’re turning on the gas for the grill, or saddling up for a 10 mile bike ride. But don’t hesitate to be that person just for the sake of your reputation. Grab that helmet. Bring an umbrella to sit under. Carry water with you at all times. These things are so easy to remember, but also to forget. Summer is a relentless season that can cause harm to those who are unprepared for its risks.

Something all of us love to do is crank our air conditioner even when we aren’t home. While it is nice to walk into a home that’s ice cold after a day spent in 110 degree weather, it has some negative effects, too. The air conditioner is working harder to maintain the balance of outdoor to indoor heat, and you’re also paying for it. Consider checking your air conditioner for a Power Save mode, or turning it off if leaving the house for short periods of time.

We shouldn’t hesitate to acknowledge a lack of safety in our surroundings, either. It’s important for you and your friends/family to be accustomed to a safe lifestyle. Be the informant! Let them know if the way they’re doing things is not so safe.

Clinicas is devoted to safety in all aspects, and we hope you’ll join us in being vocal about its importance in society. Stay tuned this month and every month to our social channels as we share more interesting and helpful tips about creating a safe environment for you and others.