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Whether is the blazing summer months or the chilly winter it is vital to protect your skin. Protecting your skin against harmful UV rays is key to maintaining your skin’s health. From wearing sunscreen to looking for shade, here are nine sun strategies to add to your daily routine. These tips are for all year round and are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  1. Layers: Sunscreen is your first line of defense against UV radiation. Make it a daily habit by putting on a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Make sure it is applied to all of your exposed skin. Don't forget overlooked areas like your ears, lips, and the backs of your hands. It is a good practice to reapply every two hours. This is highly recommended if you're sweating or swimming.
  2. Sun-Smart Clothing: Go the extra step in protecting your skin from UV rays with sun-protective clothing. Look for garments with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) ratings. These clothes can shield you against harmful rays. Look for lightweight, long-sleeved shirts, wide-brimmed hats, and UV-blocking sunglasses. Wearing these helps lower direct sun exposure and protect your skin.
  3. Seek Shade: When spending time outside, look for shade. You want to make sure that you do this during peak sun hours. This time frame is between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Whether it's under a tree, umbrella, or canopy, being in the shade lowers direct UV exposure. It also reduces your risk of sunburn and skin damage.
  4. Car Sun Safety: Protect yourself from UV exposure when you are driving. Invest in UV-protective window film or sunshades for your vehicle. These help block harmful rays. Additionally, wear sunscreen on exposed skin. These are places like your hands your hands and your face. Doing this helps protect your skin while driving during the day.
  5. Hydrate Inside and Out: Hydration is key for healthy skin. Hydration helps fight the dehydrating effects of sun exposure. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated from the inside of your body. Also, be sure to moisturize your skin regularly with a lotion to add to the moisture lost to the sun's rays.
  6. Reflective Surfaces: Be aware of surfaces that can reflect UV radiation. These surfaces are things like water, sand, snow, and even concrete. These surfaces can amplify UV exposure. Thus adding to your risk of sunburn and skin damage. Take extra precautions by wearing sunscreen, protective clothing, and sunglasses when near these surfaces.
  7. Prioritize Skin Checks: Regular self-examinations and annual skin checks with a dermatologist are vital for detecting skin cancer early. Familiarize yourself with your skin's normal appearance and be vigilant in monitoring for any changes, such as new moles, growths, or irregularities. Early detection saves lives and ensures prompt treatment if skin cancer is present.
  8. Choose Sunscreen Wisely: Go for a sunscreen that best suits your skin type and lifestyle. Whether you prefer lotions, sprays, or sticks, it does not matter as long as you use them. Be sure to pick a product that you know you will remember to use daily. Consider water-resistant formulas for outdoor activities. Also, don’t forget to check the expiration date. That way you can ensure maximum efficacy.

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UV safety is not a seasonal concern. Being mindful of harmful UV rays is a year-round commitment to protecting your skin. By adding these nine sun-savvy strategies into your daily routine, you can enjoy the outdoors safely. All while protecting your skin's health and vitality. Remember, a little sun protection goes a long way in preserving your skin's beauty and well-being. For extra help and tips on how to keep your skin safe from the sun, visit Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc. Make an appointment with your Primary Care provider to discuss SPF options and how to keep optimal skin health. Clinicas is here to help both you and your skin thrive!