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Protecting Your Eyes From Injury

Your eyes are unique and must be protected.  According to John Hopkins Medicine, eye injuries affect 2.5 million people worldwide yearly. That is why the Clinicas optometry team stresses the importance of protecting your sense of sight. By following a few of these eye safety tips, you can avoid eye injuries this month and all year long.

You might not notice how often sight comes into play in your daily life. Eye injuries are more common than you might think. These injuries can have lasting consequences. Eyes are incredibly fragile and sensitive. They are constantly exposed to potential dangers, from dust and debris to sharp objects and chemicals. At every age, your vision health is important. Here are some key places that you might injure your eyes and reasons why it is important to protect them.

Home Safety. Eye injuries can occur anywhere, including at home. Household chores like gardening, do-it-yourself projects or even cooking can expose you to potential hazards. Be sure to keep harmful chemicals out of your day to day routine. You can also store sharp objects in safe places to keep you protected at all times. Make things easy on yourself and keep your eyes safe at home.

Safety in the Workplace. Eye injuries at work are very common, especially in jobs that involve physical labor. If you are working with heavy equipment, be sure to use goggles and safety glasses at every opportunity. You should also use sunglasses if you are working in the sun for long periods of time. For indoor jobs that rely heavily on the computer, try some blue light glasses that can help filter out harmful rays. This can help keep your eyes healthier and allow your vision to last longer.

Sports and Recreation. Physical activity of any kind can put your eyes at risk. If you or your family is involved in recreational sports, be sure to use eye protection as needed. Protective eyewear is now standard in many sports, such as hockey and lacrosse. You can also prioritize your vision health before and after matches or games by wearing sunglasses or hats outdoors. Don’t forget about your eyes if you are often playing sports outside.

Unlike many other parts of the body, damaged or lost vision cannot be fully restored. Once an eye injury occurs, it can lead to partial or complete vision loss, impacting your quality of life. Eye injuries often require medical attention, surgeries or rehabilitation. Luckily, Clinicas optometry services are comprised with expert optometrists who understand the importance of your vision health.

From your every day needs, to preventative care, Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc. is here to provide you with quality care all under one roof. We are here to help your family establish great health routines and to put your health first. You can read more about our vision care services and where you can find our optometry locations online.