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Population Served

Clinicas serves the local communities of Ventura County, including private pay patients and patients with private insurance. We specially reach out to populations in need of primary healthcare who are vulnerable to inadequate health care:

The uninsured and underinsured: working individuals and families whose employers do not offer Insurance; the non-Medicaid covered unemployed and their families; children who are not included in their parent's coverage; adults who cannot afford employer-sponsored coverage.

  • Medicaid and Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Chronically ill individuals and those susceptible to chronic diseases
  • People with disabilities
  • Individuals and families with emotional problems
  • Substance abuse patients

A “Safety Net Provider”

Clinicas is a community health center and migrant health center (CHC/MHC). We are federally qualified and part of network of health care providers across the nation commonly known as “safety net health care providers”.

Like other CHC/MHC’s, our organization plays a key role in providing healthcare because of our geographical location, primary care capacities, culturally sensitive services, and the special infrastructure and expertise we have developed to serve the uninsured and those with special needs.

As a CHC/MHC, we have ample experience in managing the utilization of services to control the cost of care.