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Clinicas del Camino Real, Incorporated

Dental Care

What is Dental Care and why do you need it?

Your oral health is more important than you may realize. The primary reason to actively seek dental care is so you can prevent any dental issues in the future. Periodic cleanings and evaluations are essential to your oral health and your dental team can help catch any issues before they become serious.

Dentists and dental hygienists can both be a part of your oral care team. Both will help you to practice good oral hygiene and help you to prevent any serious dental problems that may be detrimental to your physical health.

Clinicas del Camino Real, Incorporated

Our Dental Services

At Clinicas, we offer a wide range of dental services at our health centers in Ventura County. The following care services are offered at select locations:

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Crowns & Bridges
• Kid's Dentistry
• Dentures & Partials
• X-Rays & Cleaning
• Extractions
• Root Canal
• Periodontal treatment
Clinicas del Camino Real, Incorporated

Book An Appointment

To book a dental appointment, visit our health center location pages and call the site directly. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient. We take great measures in helping you maintain optimal oral health.

Available at these Locations: