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Fall marks the beginning of another COVID-19 season. Families are spending more time indoors and looking after your health is more important than ever. These past few years have been marked by unprecedented challenges, but our Clinicas teams have risen to meet the ever-evolving virus and to protect our patients. In this blog, we will explore a little of COVID-19’s history, the lessons we have learned along the way, and where we go from here.

In late 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged and quickly spread across the globe. There have been waves of new infections, variants and our understanding of the virus has changed. Despite these challenges, Clinicas has risen to the occasion and continued to provide care for our patients even in uncertain times. 

When folks were staying home and taking safety precautions, our teams were on the front lines of the pandemic, providing care to everyone who needed help. In the years since the pandemic, Clinicas has put great emphasis on accessible care for patients, and even opened two new health centers at the height of the pandemic to provide all of our services to the community. 

Since the outbreak, our healthcare community has learned several lessons that Clinicas uses as pillars to every patient that we see:

Collaboration is Key. The pandemic highlighted the importance of cross-collaboration. Medical professionals, researchers, public health officials and beyond came together to quickly and efficiently understand the virus and how to stop the spread. That’s why we continue to partner with local organizations related to health and well-being.

Vaccination is Crucial. Vaccines have proven to be a potent tool in controlling the spread of the virus and reducing the severity of the illness. Encouraging vaccines in the community remains our top priority. You can find the latest information on vaccines and boosters at your local health center. 

Be Prepared. Being prepared for potential surges, especially in the fall months each year, is essential. This is why our health centers are consistently stocked with PPE supplies, COVID-19 tests and materials necessary to take on another surge. At each of our health centers, you can test for COVID-19 if you are experiencing any worrisome symptoms.

Physical and Mental Health Matter. The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of patients and healthcare professionals. That is why we continue to prioritize mental well-being and provide support for healthcare workers dealing with emotional challenges. We also provide our patients with mental health care services at many of our health center sites.

As we venture into this new season of COVID-19, our clinics continue to offer vaccines and virus education for the public. Patients can address and concerns or hesitations via our telehealth services and can find treatment options at our health center locations across Ventura County. 

If you are experiencing symptoms this year, call your Clinicas provider before seeking medical care so that the appropriate precautions can be taken. Contacting us in advance will make sure that you get the care you need without putting others at risk. Call 805.647.6353 for an assessment or phone consultation and stay safe this year!