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 The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with joy, family, and a lot of tasty food. At Clinicas del Camino Real, Inc., we know the importance of having holiday traditions. As well as enjoying the flavors of the season. However, with the parties, we also know about the value of making good choices. The choices that put the well-being of your body and soul first.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, "A healthy diet is a balancing act." This thought perfectly sums up our approach to eating right during the holidays. It's not about deprivation. Rather, about finding a balance that allows you to enjoy the festive spirit while ensuring your body receives the nourishment it needs.

  1. Balance is Key: Find a balance between enjoying holiday treats and including healthy foods. Fill your plate with a variety of colors. Adding bright fruits and vegetables not only adds flavor but also gives key vitamins and minerals.
  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Among all the holiday drinks don't forget the importance of water. Staying hydrated is crucial for digestion and overall well-being. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep your body working at its best.
  3. Mindful Portions: Portion control is your best friend during the holidays. Instead of piling your plate full of food, savor smaller portions of your favorite dishes. This way you can enjoy the flavors without overloading your body with extra calories.
  4. Smart Snacking: Pick healthier snack options between meals. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit, nuts, or vegetable sticks with hummus within easy reach. These snacks are not only tasty but also provide the nutrients your body craves.
  5. Choose Lean Proteins: When it comes to holiday meals lean proteins like turkey, chicken, and fish are great choices. These options are lower in fat and can still be tasty when seasoned with herbs and spices.
  6. Say Yes to Whole Grains: Swap out refined grains for whole grains whenever you can. Whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa, are rich in fiber. Thus, keeping you fuller for longer and supporting digestive health.
  7. Limit Sugary Treats: While it's tempting to give into sugary treats. It is best to try to limit your intake. Try smaller portions of desserts or choose healthier options like fruit salads. Your sweet tooth will thank you, and your energy levels will remain more stable.
  8. Plan Ahead: If you know you have a holiday gathering coming up, plan your meals. Eat a balanced, nutritious meal before heading out to reduce the temptation to go crazy with less healthy options.
  9. Stay Active: Add exercise to your holiday routine. Whether it's a walk, going to the gym, or a quick home workout. Staying active helps offset the extra calories and benefits overall well-being.
  10. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to when your body is hungry and full. Eat slowly, savor each bite, and stop when you feel satisfied. This mindful style of eating allows you to enjoy your favorite holiday foods without overeating.

As we start this season it's important to remember moderation. This is the secret to enjoying holidays without harming our health. Make the right choices about what you eat. Plan ahead for parties and include exercise in your routines. At Clinicas we know the key to keeping good health. As a resource committed to your health. We offer services through our Health Education team. Which has nutritional assistance. Our dedicated team is here to help give a tailored guide to help you make informed choices that fit your health goals.

If you find yourself looking for more help in the world of nutrition our Health Education team is just a call away. We offer tools, tips, and counseling to empower you on your health journey.