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Getting your kids to brush their teeth regularly can be really challenging. Luckily, there are lots of ways to encourage your kids to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Browse Dr. Rikhye’s list of creative ways to help start the process and keep it going!

Fun Toothbrushes

Help your kids get excited about brushing their teeth by getting fun toothbrushes to use every day. You can even give them stickers and other art supplies to decorate it themselves. This way, your kids are proud of their daily routine. Together, you can make dental care fun!

Use a Song

One of the best ways to get your kids to brush their teeth for a few minutes straight is to put it to a song. Singing the alphabet song is a great way to help them learn something and keep their teeth clean. A song will also stay with them as they grow up so they will always remember the routine. Even as an adult, they will be able to make that association.

Reward System

You can also use a reward system to help remind your kids to brush their teeth. Every time they brush their teeth they can earn a small reward to build the healthy habit. Rewards help reinforce that dental care is healthy and keeps the experience positive. Try something small, like a sticker or some markers to start.


Keep an eye on your kids during their morning and evening routine until they can be trusted to brush their teeth every day by themselves. It is expected that kids to go to sleep earlier than their parents, so supervise their bedtime routine until you are sure they are brushing their teeth independently. Don’t worry, after a few weeks it will be second nature to them.

Dentist Visits

Funnily enough, taking your kids to the dentist regularly can help them remember to brush their teeth on a daily basis. The dentist can help your kids understand the importance of keeping their teeth clean. You can also ask questions and check out new products. Dr. Rikhye works with Clinicas patients daily at the East Simi Valley Health Center.

Your Routine

Your kids’ dental health starts with you! Work on setting a personal morning and evening routine so you set a good example for your family. Try to establish a nightly ritual that your kids can take part in. It will be good for them and good for you! Don’t forget that your own dental health is important too.

Visit Clinicas for Dental Care

At Clinicas, we can help you and your family establish great dental routines. We offer Dental Care services at our health centers throughout Ventura County, including Dr. Rikhye at our East Simi Valley Health Center. Schedule a visit today at (805) 647-6353 or visit our Dental Services page to learn more.