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Quality Dental Care starts with Clinicas.

National Children’s Dental Month promotes good dental health and recognizes dental professionals across the country. At Clinicas, we celebrate our amazing dental team! Please take a look at the importance of healthy teeth and the history of National Children’s Dental Month.

What is National Children’s Dental Month?

National Children’s Dental Month has been around for over eighty years. The one-day tradition was established by the American Dental Association in 1941 and focused on the importance of dental health in kids. Now, a full month highlights good dental health across the nation. We are happy to join other health providers around the country in focusing on clean and healthy teeth!

Why is Dental Care so important for kids?

We know it can be tough to get your family to the dentist regularly. Between work and school, visits usually get pushed to the back of the list. As we look at the importance of dental health this month, remember that your family’s dental health is important. Visiting the dentist early and often can help with your child’s health and save you money in the long run. Children should see a dentist after their first tooth appears, and no later than their first birthday.

Do not wait until something goes wrong to go to the dentist! When you bring your family for a visit, you can receive advice on products and best practices. You can also ask questions about their brushing routine and your kids can also get comfortable with the dentist’s office early. Regular cleanings can stop tooth decay, gum disease and other issues that can be more expensive to treat. You can leave knowing that you took the right steps towards good dental health.

Remember, good dental health starts with you! Kids look up to close family members and friends, so it is important to set a good example by scheduling your own visits. Your kids will carry good health habits with them as adults.

How often should kids visit the dentist? How about adults?

It is important that kids and adults visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Try to book visits at least twice a year. Scheduling regular appointments can help you feel better about your family’s dental health all year round. Your family will also become more comfortable with the dentist’s office every time you visit. Summer and winter appointments are best if you want to avoid taking your kids out of school.

What are some good dental health tips?

Start by helping your kids stick to a regular brushing routine. Our dentists recommend brushing twice a day, usually in the morning and at night. Start flossing habits early to help improve your family’s dental health. Flossing regularly will also make them more comfortable before visiting the dentist. Work together to make taking care of your teeth fun!

Where can you go to get Dental Care?

Clinicas Dental Care services are available at our health centers in Ventura County. Our dentists want to keep your smile bright and healthy for years to come. Schedule a visit today at (805) 647-6353 or visit our Dental Services page to learn more.