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You're thoroughly enjoying your life in the Ventura County, California area, and sticking around for a while is definitely your intention. Most people do not want to face mortality, but science sets a life expectancy that stares at all of us. Life expectancy in the state of California is actually higher at 81 years than what it is in all states in the country except for Hawaii.

1. Be Selective About What You Eat

It has been said you are what you eat, but you also live as long as the foods you eat will allow you to as well. Watching what kinds of foods you put into your body is one of the utmost important things you can do if you want to live longer. According to Healthline, you should:

  • Opt for plant-based foods often, such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruit
  • Eat legumes, lentils, and beans that lower risks of heart disease
  • Avoid foods high in saturated fats, sugar, refined carbs, and sodium
  • Optimize calorie intake so you get nutritious foods instead of non-nutritive foods in your diet

2. Get Active Every Day

A study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that just 10 minutes of exercise once a week can extend how long you live. Of course, most people aim for more exercise than a mere 10 minutes every seven days, and most experts agree that getting a good 30 minutes of physical activity daily is really important. Researchers have determined that exercise can reduce the risks of death caused by things like cancer and cardiovascular disease. If your aim is to live longer, exercise most definitely needs to be part of your daily regimen.

3. Don't Smoke

Avoiding smoking is critically important to your overall health, especially if you want to live longer. About 13.1 percent of people who live in San Buenaventura and Ventura County, CA smoke. Studies show that the risks of heart disease and lung cancer revert to that of a non-smoker after a smoker hasn't smoked for 15 years.

4. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Enjoying a few alcoholic drinks on occasion is not likely to shorten your life expectancy at all. However, Harvard Health does state that drinking 14 to 25 alcoholic drinks per week can shorten a life expectancy by up to two years. Individuals who drink more than 25 drinks could lose as much as five years. High alcohol consumption has been associated with some pretty scary things, such as heart failure and fatal aneurysms.

5. Keep Your BMI in Check

Maintaining a healthy weight is going to mean less strain on your body, lower risks of heart disease, and a lowered risk of diabetes. If you don't know your BMI, you should find out what it is, and then aim to get it in line with what is deemed as healthy if you want a longer life. Your BMI for a significant reduction in mortality should be somewhere above 18.5 and lower than 25, according to research. Keep in mind, even having a BMI that is lower than recommended can mean a shorter life.

The VC Star once reported in 2017 that people live longer in Ventura County, California—82 years in fact. If you're looking to fulfill that statement, keep these science-based tips in mind. Eat well, move often, watch your weight, and steer clear of too many cocktails and smoking altogether. You may just sail right on past those projected numbers into your 90s and beyond.

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How Can You Add Years to Your Life?

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The life expectancy in the state of California is 81 years. Get the lowdown on the science-backed tips to extend your life span.