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Bad breath happens to everyone! It can be embarrassing and even cause some anxiety. Just remember that there are things you can do to prevent bad breath that go beyond mints and gum. Dr. Curameng offers some advice for anyone suffering from bad breath.

Pay attention to what you eat and drink

It may seem obvious, but there are lots of foods that can cause bad breath. Pay attention to garlic, pickles and onions because the smell can linger for some time. You can also avoid drinks that dry out your mouth such as alcohol and coffee to build the saliva in your mouth and improve your breath. A good rule of thumb is to always watch what you eat and drink!

Try a tongue scraper

Go beyond the toothbrush and try out a tongue scraper to help with bad breath. Using a tongue scraper regularly removes any bacteria on the tongue and improves breath. You can pick up a tongue scraper at the grocery store or dentist’s office. Remember to brushing your tongue with your toothbrush as part of your routine as well.

Drink lots of water

Believe it or not, staying hydrated can help get rid of bad breath. One of the best ways to avoid bad breath is to keep water with you at all times and drink it throughout the day. You can also try drinking water right before you go to bed and first thing in the morning to prevent bad breath during the day. Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol can also reduce the effects of dry mouth.

Brush your teeth regularly

take a few minutes to brush and floss your teeth to remove any bacteria buildup. Bacteria is often the cause of bad breath and can be removed by brushing your tongue twice a day as well. Get back into a routine and say goodbye to bad breath!

Keep mouthguards clean

If you wear corrective or preventative equipment, be sure to pay close attention to cleanliness. You should clean any mouthguards or retainers after every use to keep your breath smelling fresh. Both can carry a lot of bacteria and cause bad breath so remember to clean regularly.

Replace your toothbrush

Using an old toothbrush can be one of the main causes of bad breath. Over time, broken bristles and soft brushes can become less effective and contribute to breath issues. Be sure to replace your toothbrush every three months or so to make sure you are cleaning your teeth and tongue effectively.

Visit your dentist regularly

If bad breath happens to you regularly, it might be time to see a dentist to rule out any other serious dental issues. Just remember that proper oral care is the best way to avoid bad breath. Clinicas offers dental care at our health centers throughout Ventura County, including Dr. Curameng at our Simi Valley, Madera Health Center. Call (805) 647-6353 to book an appointment or visit our Dental Services page to learn more.